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Management of the Organisation. 

KANDEFO organisation has been managed by four fully operated bodies.

These are; 

1. General membership / General body

2. Executive Committee

3. Finance Committee

4. Disciplinary Committee


- Physcho social elderly care and support

- Mobilization of members

- Sentization on income generating activities

- Educational support

- Health interventions and medical support

- Emergency relief and Aid support

- Advocancy and lobbying

- Girls and Women apowernment 

- Human rights sentization 

- Sentization on conservation of nature.

- Visiting Parishes and villages and registering groups which would be there and then be enrolled members of KANDEFO. 

- Conducting baseline survey on the needs assessment evenly, throughout the areas of operation while targeting groups and individuals that could be helpful to the elderly. 

Sensitization covered training member in; 

1. Cash saving mobilization and techniques

2. Simple techniques of credit sourcing and basic requirements needed by financial institutions. 

3. Simple and understandable knowledge of credit management

4. Consumer education and protection in relation to financial institutions and groups. 

5. Agricultural group marketing in relation to saving and loan mechanism and management. 

6. Simple record keeping and cost benefit analysis. 

7. Group dynamics which involve learning how to form sustainable groups formation of by-laws and reliable group constitutions, conflict resolution and management. 

8. Formation of work plans. 

(a) Mobilization and sensitization

(b) Formation of savings and credit cooperative society Ltd. 

(c) Payment of the school fees to the needy children, Orphans, HIV/AIDS students, and vulnerable children both in primary secondary and Tertiary institution totaling 820 Students


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