KANDEFO has alicense to work all over Uganda and imprement different projects as below





KANDEFO is nonprofit making organisation which was formed in 1995 as acommunity based organisation in Rubaya Sub-county Buramba Parish in kabale District with 70 people and later it expeanded its boundaries to Kabale Municipality and Ndorwa County and then registered as an NGO 2004 UNDER REGISTRATION NUMBER s.5914/4780 with the purpose of promoting the standards of the living of the elderly persons in Kabale Municipality and Ndorwa County in kabale district. It is the overall approach to have elderly community positively transferred towards attaining reasonable economic status. This strategy has hinted the minds of many communities in kabale district even the outside the KANDEFOs areas of operation


Enhancing Economic and social transformation of the elderly members. 


Ensuring the sustainability of social, economic and cultural transformation among the elderly. 


1. To build a community based nonprofit, non-government and nonpartisan organisation that would.; 

(a) Coordinate the HIV/AIDS counseling activities among the elderly members in collaborating with other organizations more particularly with organizations having HIV/AIDS prevention issue. 

(b) Mobilize and sensitize more members about the need to join the organization and merits associated with it. 

(c) Create awareness on the importance of natural resource management through agro forestry business and the need for soil fertility improvement. 

(d) Clearly address gender issues by involving more elderly women and encouraging their participation in the planning; management and project implementation processes. 

(e) Carefully instruct and train seed and seedling producers using on farm technologies that will result in maximum yields and quality tree and fruit producers. 

(f) Establish a center for information regarding the elderly people and communities in Kigezi region which will eventually help researchers and other information users. 

(g) Provide consultation services and training regarding HIV/AIDS couseling and natural resource management to all interested people in the areas of operation and the district at large. 

2. To continue assisting the disadvantaged individuals and groups through collective participation and good will.

3. To provide seedlings to tree product producers while aiming at continued financial indepences. 

4. To provide employment opportunities for many additional auxiliary workers such as farm workers and field workers as an alternative source of income. 

5.To identify various strategies and opportunities of economic development for the association and members. 




(i) The organization shall be open to all Elderly persons whether males or females in kabale municipality and Ndorwa County, Kabale district for membership. 

(ii) Interested Elderly persons out side the area of operation shall register for membership into the organization with approval of the Executive committee of the organization

(iii) All Elderly persons wishing to join the organization shall become members after paying membership fee determined in a General meeting. 

(iv) A sister organisation wishing to join the organization shall be recruited as an organization member after adhering to this constitution and after paying a special organization member ship fee which shall be determined by the Executive committee of the organization in a meeting. 

(v) Government officials who have a bearing on the association shall be ex-officio members of the association regardless of membership fees. 

(vi) Only paid up members shall benefit from the services of the organization



There shall be four classes of members of the Organisation Namely



A fully paid up registered member shall be an ordinary member of the organization with voting rights but shall in all other respects, have the same rights privileges and liabilities as other members. He/she shall be required to pay entrace fee and an annual subscription fees as determined from time by the general forum. 



Any organisation, or other person in the district with qualifications common or related objectives as herein stated may upon applicaton to the Executive Board be admited as an associate member but without voting rights. 


All subscribers to the memorandum and Articles of organization and any other person that the Executive committees shall coast accordingly he / she be life members of the organization with right to vote or be voted for. 


The executive board may at its discretion decide to co opt as an Honorary member any such persons to Honorary membership subject to the approval of the Executive board.

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