To mobilise the elderly community into the Association in order to alleviate poverty and other forms of Back wardness among members.

To survey and involve the community members in various opportunities and strategies for economic development. 

To participate in under takings such as the programme for modernisation of Agriculture, and any other on going development and investment programmes. 

To assist the disadvantaged groups and displaced persons through collective participation and good will.


The Kabale Municipality and Ndorwa County Elderly Care Foundation (KANDEFO) is a Non - Governmental Organisation operating in Kigezi region. It is the overall approach to the economy and consultation base of the elderly people in urban and rural areas in the region plus needy children affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. Its main centre is in Kabale Municipality Kabale district. 

This organization is covering kabale, kanungu, kisoro, Rukungiri, Rukiga, Rubanda and Ntugamo. 

It is well known that the population density of 245 in habitat /km2 in south western highlands of Uganda (Kigezi region inclusive) is among the highest in Uganda. It is three times higher than the national average of 85 people / km2. This has resulted into considerable increase of the aging persons leading to a considerable reduction of the working age. The elderly persons are most marginalized people. Since inception in the year 1995, KANDEFO has filled important and vital services to the elderly people. Working hand in hand with other governmental organisations, the major objective of KANDEFO organization has been to mobilize the elderly and engage them in undertakings involving agriculture, natural resource management, counseling services, poultry, and financial savings. The success is marked by the growth enrolment level of members to the organization and their out at both group and individual level. 


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